Monday, January 15, 2007

The Problem With Multi-Culturalism

Yes this is a deliberately provocative title.

In many ways this is dangerous ground where political correctness reigns supreme, but Steve Sailer's take on a Harvard professor's belatedly released research provides some challenging perspectives.

There are some disturbing elements there, particularly the apparently beneficial effects of Christian fundamentalism, and the potential for those with a racist bent to use some aspects of the research negatively.

But none of this should stifle debate.

One thing that I found disturbing was the delay in publishing the research and the spin the professor put on it to try and soften the impact. This shows how stifling political correctness can be on getting to the reality of an issue.

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C said...

Since the research is that of an award winning Harvard professor I'm sure all the statistical proofs stack up.


I would be interested in how strong of a relationship exists between socioeconomic measures and cultural diversity.

There is however no denying trust requires communication, and that cultural diversity does complicate communication.