Saturday, January 13, 2007


Don't get to the movies much lately, but seen a couple of good ones last couple of weeks.

The Valet: Delightful romantic comedy, french with subtitles. The folly of the middle aged man with a penchant for younger flesh, and the costs that go with it! Mind you, the younger flesh was very tempting and since the apple we don't have a great track record. Great acting and not intellectually or emotionally challenging - just easy fun.

Casino Royale: Not a real fan of the latest Bond movies, but this one is a cracker - he even gets realistically hurt believe it or not. Not all bright and glitzy, in Hollywood style, but more "European" in feel and that's great. Apparently runs reasonably true to the original book, but not having read it I can't say. As it's a populist movie I am sure the critics will pan it as usual. Do they ever like a movie that the masses enjoy? Guess they are just above all of that!

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GlenT said...

I too have seen these movies, and believe that this latest bond release is one of the best along with "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
I was fortunate enough to see "The Valet" about six weeks before it was released at the cinema's due to my best friend being the manager of a cinema here and he bought the preview disc home for us to give some "feed back".
It was an excellent movie about a perpetual loser with a lame job, not very enlightened when it comes to women and just not really going anywhere in life.
But boy does he find himself in an envious predicament!
Great movie with no foul language or violence set in beautiful Paris.